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Explore Bai Tu Long bay on Athena Cruise

Most visitors to Vietnam also want to visit Ha Long Bay or Bai Tu Long. Bai Tu Long Bay tour 2 days 1 night sleeping on a boat is a typical tour that many visitors choose. But, there are many cruises with different types and quality and obviously different prices make many guests headache to find a good boat. Hey, tough…

Today I just finished a tour in Bai Tu Long bay with a high service. The boat's name is Athena Cruise. I wrote a few lines about the experience on this boat, maybe someone has more choice or compare to have a good trip to visit the bay.


Pick up time

The boat's office called me and informed me to pick up time in the tomorrow before departure day.



On the morning of the day tour, a new brown bus pick me up at my hotel. They just pick you up at the hotel if your hotel is in Hanoi's old city.



A trip from

Hanoi to Halong takes about 3.5 hours to 4 hours so the car is really important. I really feel comfortable to sit in the car, I went from Hanoi to Halong very many times on many different vehicles but most uncomfortable car, if not very tight, my legs could not straighten out. But this car is not, the seats are very comfortable, and smooth.
Have a car, but its not wiffi free. :)
Each person received a bottle of water.
Note, you need to bring your Passport, because they need your Passport to do the procedure. The best you should send out information via email before the Passport on departure.


10:30 Short break 



There are about 30 minutes for people going to the toilet or to buy something. I did not buy anything because you know here very expensive. Haha 


Arrive the office at 12:30 



The bus arrived at the boat office at 12:30. We also join people who do not use pickup from Hanoi here.



I will get a ticket to enter Halong Bay and the card key of the room. 

After you complete the procedure as entrance, room key and some regulations, then we will move onto the cruise by a small boat.



Check in room



After a welcome speech from the boat manager, we check in room.
It is the third time on the shipboard of Halong Bay, but this is my first time to ride a five-star ship. The ship that I got so far has the impression that it is honestly narrow at the moment of entering the room, but this time there is not such a thing at all this time.

All rooms are almost identical in layout or design. However, they are classified into 3 room categories. The difference in this room category that I found was the location of the rooms and the width of the balcony. For example, the EXECUTIVE SUITE WITH BALCONY that I live in is located on the first floor. It is about 26m2 wide. The higher floor is ELEGANT SUITE WITH BALCONY located on the second floor and 28m2 wide. The 2 most beautiful rooms are ATHENA TERRACE SUITE located on 2nd floor, 30m2 wide and have larger balcony than all the other rooms.


Welcome fruit is prepared in every room . If there are more bottles of wine or a few cans of beer is really great. Welcome fruit is prepared in every room . If there are more bottles of wine or a few cans of beer is really great. 









Also, every room has a small private balcony. It is the perfect space for you to enjoy the scenic Halong bayAlso, every room has a small private balcony. It is the perfect space for you to enjoy the scenic Halong bay










The shower room is also wonderful. Maybe this ship is new, so furniture and equipment is very new and comfortable











The restaurant

There is a spacious restaurant on the second floor. All meals will be served here, but it is very open and you can dine while watching Halong Bay.



The restaurant by night





Lunch was buffet. Every cuisine was really tasty with a taste like the hotel buffet.












Salad table.

Each table is usually arranged for two people. I go alone should be a single table










15:30 Bamboo boat or Kayaking

After lunch, we began to participate in activities. The first activity is kayaking or bamboo boat



Small boats take us to the kayaking area. The guide told us some rules and we started kayaking



You have 45 minute for kayaking.



If you do not like kayaking, you can choose bamboo boat. The ferryman will take you around the area. I have been kayaking many times, so this time I go bamboo boat


Enjoy the view from sundeck boat



After the end of the activities, you have a free time to admire the sunset on the boat.



A romantic at sunset.





There is a cafe & bar, so you can order a drink and make yourself at ease. 


17: 30 cooking class



This boat also has a program to make spring rolls like other boats I've ever been to.






They took some raw materials like vegetables, meat, mushrooms mixed together













Then, guide how to roll and finally fry it in hot oil pan. Eventually people enjoy it.










Meals are lit by the lights on each table. It's a pity because I go alone. The dinner menu is very clear and written in a very polite paper.  Every cuisine was unique in taste and decoration. I like this salmon. Dinner is the main meal so they prepare quite well. I appreciate this. 





There is a massage service on the boat. Will I check to see if it's something special? Athena Cruise has a very beautiful massage room. 



This service is not included in the tour price I purchased. After looking at the price list they gave me. I choose a foot massage package. It is more expensive than massage in Hanoi, but this is Halong Bay :D. After the massage you can also use the sauna. This is included in the price of the massage. In addition, they also have nails. It is free. Of course, I try. 😊 


Athena Cruise Day 2


6:30 Tai Chi lesson



Unfortunately, that day was raining and the activity was not working.





Breakfast is simple, there are many kinds of breads and drinks


 Explore Thien Canh Son cave


On the morning of the second day I will head to the limestone cave. This is the last activity.



You need to walk and climb the cave (about 200 steps).

And ...



This is Thien Canh Son cave
Thien Canh Son cave is a small cave. This cave is small, however it is very primitive 


Check out at 9 am



Come back from the cave, take a break and it is time to check out. 
 We will return with key and pay for drinks and massage fee. For those with more luggage you can send it at reception.


9:30 the last meal



The last meal is a bruch.












ate beef noodle soup. It’s delicious. The food is mainly Vietnamese and European. However, the European-style dish is not really a standard as I've ever experienced. I enjoyed tasting yogurt of dessert.


Leave the boat



When the meal is finish, Everybody check out boat and take a small boat to return to the harbor.

I came back to office and waiting for the bus to come back Hanoi city. Arrial Hanoi old town at 5:30 pm. The bus droff you off at your hotel. 


Summary of Athena Cruises on Halong bay

If you have the ability to pay high, pay attention to services, board rooms or meals, Athena is a good choice. Actually, nothing is cheaper but good. You can find information about cruise on Halong bay And easy for booking. I've booked many tours with many travel agents from the racetrack to high-end tours, however I find them often exaggerated about the product I do not like this. In fact, even if you place on large sites such as booking or agoda is not necessarily a good price. Sometimes booking through travel agents has a much better price for the same product. Find out all the information about the destination before booking a tour.

Where to  book Halong Athena Cruise: 



Admin Nov 28, 2017

Blog comments (2)

ACausuaxia Aug 14, 2018 at 11:38 PM
Torsion bras de quelqu'un est comment robuste votre sang pousse contre les parois de vos arteres lorsque votre coeur essence pompe le sang. Arteres sont les tubes qui transportent perseverent b gerer offre sang loin de votre coeur. Chaque set votre coeur bat, il pompe le sang tout au long vos arteres a la vacances de votre corps.
ALizDiplerer Oct 01, 2018 at 11:42 AM
Poids est comment calleux votre sang pousse contre les parois de vos arteres lorsque votre coeur essence pompe le sang. Arteres sont les tubes qui transportent perseverent b gerer offre sang loin de votre coeur. Chaque age votre manque de sensibilite bat, il pompe le sang a tous egards vos arteres a la reste de votre corps.

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So, Welcome to this beautiful country with all four weathers named Summer, autumn, spring and winter.

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The classified Cultural Heritage of Hoi An Ancient Town is a marvel of centuries of preservation and propagation. Located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, it was a place where several cultures merged to bring about the unique heritage that it has today. To Hoi An, tourists have the opportunity to admire the centuries-old houses, unique cultural features, traditional villages, or interesting food...




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A long time ago, Vietnam has been known as a country with long wars. Nowadays, Vietnam is a tourist destination, attract a lot of international visitors. What makes a country to be amazing, what attracts visitors or why this is one of the top tourist spots on the list to explore, so many questions ... To answer these questions, we would like to list the best secret list of places, restaurants and hotels that we have just completed a trip to Vietnam travel one month ago.


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Amazing Thing To Do In Vietnam

What is the tourism of Vietnam? Where to visit, what delicious food, interesting activities, experiences ... these are just a few of the hundreds, thousands of questions why every visitor before travel to Vietnam asked. In this issue, we will write out a list of attractions, cruisine, interesting experiences that perhaps each traveler should save to explore when traveling to Vietnam.


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What's interesting in sapa?

Located Northwest of the country, Sapa is one of the famous tourist destination of Vietnam. The town attractive in clouds with majestic mountain views and a unique experience, exploring the lives of ethnic minorities.

Sapa is a highland district of Lao Cai Province, a land of majestic mountains. The natural landscape of Sapa is combined with the creativity of the people, along with the terrain of the mountains, the blue of the forest, as a beautiful natural picture. From the center of the town you can zoom in to see the high peaks.


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