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How to choose the best Ha Long Bay Cruise in seven easy steps

If you are thinking about the best tourist spot in the entire Asia then I’m sure that, the Ha Long Bay is the best place with all the aspects. The choosing of the best cruise is the only thing on which whole Ha Long Bay tour depends. The best cruise will provide you each and everything such as adventure, fun, feeling of deep nature and the peace in blue water of Ha Long Bay. There are few companies which are really trusted to provide the tour and cruise such as Vietnam Amazing  Tour. We are proud of that our company is the best company for providing the best tour packages.


The Beauty of Ha Long Bay is its 1600 Islands which are truly amazing as well as perfect example of the perfection of nature. The view of Blue water, green and lush forest and unexpected hills from best cruise are enough to provide you feeling of the paradise. There are seven steps to choose the best cruise which is mentioned below in a very good sequence.

So, let’s start with the first step.


The timing of your tour

One Day tour

The one day trip is not suggested for those who have desire to see the Ha Long Bay from its deep. The main thing is that, the one day only trip is tiring because the trip initiate after 5-6 hours of journey from Hanoi.

Two days and one night

The package of trip which has included one night and two days is really good as budget tour. The main thing is that, it has the time to sleep, included the chance to see the morning view by cruise and sailing experience in the evening on sparking stones. 

Long trips as 3 days two nights and 4 days three nights

The trips of 3D2N and 4D3N are something like the perfect trips to see mostly things and Island in the Ha Long Bay and feel the culture if the Ha Long Bay. In this type of cruise, you will have a regular boat on daily basis for visit several places and in the evening you will transferred on the main ship. So, it is simply all about the time. The more time you will spend over there, the more activities you will feel and find there.

The spot which is in your list

The key to find the best cruise is to decide first about your tour map. A wise tourist always has its tour map because it helps to find the best transportation and timing saving tool at all the time. The Ha Long Bay has several spots to visit which is the reason that you should always know about your tour map.

There is a heavy number of Islands, small beaches and millions of limestone which are always sparks over the shine in the water. The second spot is Catba Island which is also popular as the Jurassic park Island. This is really amazing as it has green and lush forest, dramatic hills and cliffs and various sandy beaches.


There are some popular places in various tourist spots as their landmarks such as Ti Top Island and surprising cave in Ha Long Bay, Catba Island in Lan Ha Bay and BaiTu Long Bay if you are willing to spend some more money.

The cruise for 3D2N is mostly visiting you to Catba Island but with some conditions which is available in the very efficient price by Vietnam Amazing Tour agency.

Always Re-check the services

The food and some other activities are included in the package of cruise tour but it is very essential to check each and everything two times. There are few things like drinks are not available in the cruise package.

There are so many things which are mentioned in the company’s itinerary but few activities such as travel expenses from Hanoi are not mentioned sometimes. So, it’s better to double check the itinerary and gets the information about the transportation expenses if it is not mentioned. There are some common but amazing activities to do in the Ha Long Bay which should not be missed such as visit to the floating village, cave visiting, Tai Chi in the morning, Pearl Houses visit, Biking in the Cat Ba, squid fishing and cooking classes.

You should know about your boat

The Boat in which your trip will be start, you should be familiar about that’s style, design and services and history etc. There are so many things to check with the standard such as maximum people on boat should never exceed from 35 number of people.  There are some questions in mind such as? How old is it our boat? What kind of reviews about this cruise. So, these questions will make you satisfy about the cruise and will take you to the best cruise.

Top Ha Long Bay cruises which are recommended

Never forget to check your pocket

The budget making is really necessary before coming to visit. There are so many online website to have a good comparison between food, accommodation and activities. TheVietnam Amazing Touris really amazing to give you best tour package in a very reasonable price as we has very good track record in the aspects of quality and facilities. So, our brand name company is always ready to provide you the best tour package according to your budget.

The genuine and certified place to booking

There are so many agencies but some of them are really genuine such as Vietnam Amazing Tourwhich is a brand name in the world of tour and travels and definitely able to provide you the best cruise at all the time as it is well known for its rationality. Our company is able to provide you the best facility in very reasonable prices.


The cruise is the key point to have a memorable tour of Ha Long Bay as it is the base of your tour. The luxurious cruise as some are mentioned above really able to make your Ha Long Bay tour amazing with all the aspects. This is to remember that, never forget to do a proper research about the cruise and activities. So, always go through the certified companies as we’ve mentioned above to make your tour amazing with the best cruise. These steps will definitely help you out to choosing the best cruise for Ha Long Bay tour

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There are so many hide things in the sea which is required an experience and good knowledge about the Ha Long Bay that’s why our company Amazing Vietnam Tour provides the best tour plans as we are experienced and reputed in the entire Vietnam.

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