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Hoian Street Food

Vivid images come to mind when come to Hoian. Yellow heritage buildings, quirky cobbled streets, Rows of multi-colored lanterns, and a lot of others. All create a destination to must add to the list of things to visit. And the cuisine is a part of that. You should sample Hoi An’s food to truly get a ‘taste’ of the place. 


Hoi An’s fascinating history as a trading port is not only evident in its architecture. It’s reflected in its food, too. As a former ‘melting pot’ of traders, Hoi An street food features influences from China, Japan, the West, and more. that is dishes that are distinct ‘Hoi An. These delicious creations incorporate ingredients that can only be found here. And all are served the freshest greens from the nearby Tra Que Vegetable Village. 


The diversity and distinctiveness of Hoi An’s food have caught the attention of travel bloggers and chefs around the world.  If you are a local food enthusiast then this is truly a destination that will not disappoint you.

Jun 04, 2022

Golden Bridge - Bana Hill - the can’t miss spot in Vietnam 2018

There is a bridge in Central Vietnam, which you will think only in the legendary film as the lord of the ring... A mountain bridge supported by giant hands. That is Golden Bridge. Recently, Golden Bridge (Cau Vang) is a hot key word on google and the heat has not cooled down yet. If you have a chance to travel to Vietnam, take a look at it.


Aug 05, 2018

Things can not be missed while touring Hoi An

Hoi An is a beautiful old town of Vietnam. Inscribed by UNESCO in 1999, Hoi An “is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century... You really should come here to discover the beautiful Hoi An old town one time when travel Vietnam. There are hundreds of years old houses, ancient streets, luminous lanterns at night, unique dishes of local people, ancient buildings or traditional villages…all make up a colorful Hoi An town.


I come here 3 times in other way as booked Vietnam package tour in 9 days or go alone and every time I have my own emotions, I like to walk the streets, eat bread according to my feeling is the best bread in the world, rent bicycle to explore the traditional village around here,... These are great experiences that I would like to share with everyone.



May 23, 2018

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