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A Luxury trip to Sapa

Part one in Sapa Series

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Hi everyone, I’m back with my travel  series, this time would be another  destination that I bet you guys heard about it a lot when you’re thinking about  Vietnam. The destination that I want to mention is Sapa – ofcourse the most  famous sight-seeing that if you are wandering around Vietnam, you must hear a lot.

Last time i got an unforgettable experience when going to Sapa, this time I decided to go there with a package tour to see how different it is!



First day, like all other tours in Hanoi, the bus to Sapa will pick you up from your hotel as long as it is in the old quarter, but differ from other tours, tour to Sapa will pick you up a little bit earlier, so you should be ready from 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning to wait for the bus.




After taking breakfast at the hotel, the bus come to catch me up with the group. Oh it is a Limousine, the girl who booked for me this tour do talk about this but I’m sill so surprised.



⇒ How to get Sapa from Hanoi


If you’re wondering that how long does it take to go to Sapa, the answer is 6,5 hours lying on the bus, but between the way,  it stopped twice for you to relax your leg.





All information when you travel to Sapa


In my experience, you shouldn’t buy anything here. It’s not worth buying at all.



Tip for you guys, you should take the left hand seat on the bus, because on this side you can see bunch of mountains and terraces along the way up to Sapa. Then here we are, first we had lunch at a local restaurant with a set menu such as chicken,pork,Vietnamese veggie, etc…  it feels like a family mealand our group had 6 people which it perfectly in a table.

After that the tour guide let us check-in our hotel, this time I chose to stay in hotel rather than homestay like last time,for some reason I will let you know later.



Later on, a mini van picked us up from the hotel to start trekking around the village. The tourguide explained a bit about where we will trek and how long, it call Muong Hoa Valley, we will trek about 12km around some villages.



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Those women came and said hello to us with a fluently English, wow such an amazing thing!

We walked through the jungle, up and down the mountain,along the terrace, when I was there it was just 4 degreecelcius in Sapa but luckily I got a sunny day like this.





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Because a few days ago, Sapa was raining a lot so the walking road was a bit slippery, lots of mug,.. it was stuck a lot on my shoes after walking through those villages.





We walked through Tavan villages, Lao Chai Villages, and Giang Ta Chai village, we heard some stories about how many minority groups is living here in Sapa. How different they are to each other, for example, the Red Dao,who ordinary come from China because of a immigration, having their red costume from the hat,shirt to the skirt. They often choose to stay in the valley or the mountain’s flank, because those area is believed to be easy to do planting such as planting corn at the valley,growing rice on the mountain. Herbal bathing is one of the tradition of Red Dao people, because it’s believed to cure some diseases such as joint pain or muscle pain, flu,constipation,illness…  especially than the red women after birth to help recovering.

 Or the Black H’mong who wearing all black, they are the majority in Sapa, they’ve made the hill slope,hillside into unique terrace field which can be planted 2 rice crops or 2 corn crops.  In the autumn, you guys can come here to see the golden terrace rice field, I will show you later in the next blog.

This is the first day's experience in exploring xciting sapa. To know what will happen in the second day of the tour, see part 2 of this trip





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Lynn Foy Apr 25, 2018 at 02:09 PM
Very informative post. I have heard a lot about Sapa that it’s a good place for trekking. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing.
Sam May 23, 2019 at 06:10 AM

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