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10 things to do in Ha Long Bay

The Ha Long Bay is truly an amazing place to visit and also those unique things which are only possible in the Ha Long Bay. The one of the best things are always presenting in enormous amount in this amazing place. The Ha Long Bay is very beautiful and rich in aspect of weather, nature and so many things that’s the reason why this place is always called a heaven.There are some things which are truly amaze in doing and surely will provide you an unforgettable experience after doing these things. The top ten things are mentioning in this article after a long research.


This is a universal truth that, you can have an all those things possible here which are in your dreams under water. The cruising is really an amazing experience at this place which is perfect in all sort of time. Our company Vietnam Amazing Tour will provide you the best class cruise for your perfect visit of Ha Long Bay.

We have some cruise which is truly amazing named Ha Long Silver sea cruises, Ha Long Royal Palace Cruise, Imperial Legend Cruise, Imperial Classic Cruise etc.


This is the most amazing thing to start your day with this exercise. Our all cruises are provides this exercise with a proper schedule. The Tai Chi exercise is one of the traditional exercises in the entire Vietnam as a guide will be provided you for this amazing exercise on 6-7am in the morning on your deck. This will surely give you an experience with the health beneficial.

Ha Long Bay is really famous for its taste of foods and the wide varieties. There are so many people who have these foods and found the most delicious one in the entire world. The fish and crab etc are truly served here widely and their dishes are truly awesome at all the time. The visitors will not have any chance to forget the taste of sea food of Ha Long Bay.

The one of the best way to feel the water and inside story of water is kayaking. The best thing is that, there are so many guidelines with a guide for your best kayaking experience in case of that in which you are not much aware with the kayaking.     


The village of fishes

This is the best experience to visit the fishing village such as Vung Vieng as they have unique identity in the entire world. The most important thing is that, it takes you into a world of sea with the blue water and sky and fresh-fresh air which will provide you the feeling of true alive. The fisherman of the Ha Long Bay is truly amazing as they are really quick and expert in the method of spreading the net etc. Being a fisherman of the Ha Long Bay is truly an amazing experience for everybody here.

The one of the best part of the tour at Ha Long Bay could be the time of sunset for lovers and couples because the sunset with the beaches or sea is something like the view of paradise. The view of this time is really able to feel you blood in your veins with your lover or if you are having poetic or writing habits then this time will be your golden as well as memorable time of the tour. So, never miss this activity at the time of your amazing tour.  

The time after come from tour is really tired as there are so many things to visit. The spa is the only thing which can provide you an instant relief and provide you an amazing experience of pleasure. The travelers are really get eager for this after coming from the tour if they know the pleasure which is comes with this activity. So, always remember that, spa is truly your relaxation tool at all the time.

The cooking classes are really a unique experience for each and everyone. The food of Vietnam is reputed and famous in this entire world. The one of the best thing is that, it is never as tough as it seems to be looking if you are learning this from our expert chef. Our company Vietnam Amazing Tour is always provides the cooking classes to their visitors as it is something which will go with you after this tour. The professional chef and experienced staff will help you in every moment as we have a proper schedule for each and everything on our cruises. So, never miss the cooking classes and contact us if you want to enjoy your cooking classes professionally.



The biking is the only experience by which you can see the Ha Long Bay and its nearby villages through a deep vision. The riding of bike will provide you an amazing experience with the knowledge of roads and culture of Ha Long Bay. It is the experience by which you will have a confidence about the Ha Long Bay as you will see this without guide. Our company will give you time of biking according to the best schedule. So, never miss this amazing experience.

This is really an amazing experience to visit this incredible island as it is always says as the heart of the entire Ha Long Bay because it is in the center and the people can take a panoramic view in their photo shots from this island. The height allows you to watch the whole view of the city. So, never miss this view if you are ever visit the Ha Long Bay

There are so many things to visit and see in the Ha Long Bay but the things which are mentioned in this article are  truly amazing as its uniqueness. So, always have a blue print in your smart phone or paper to do these ten things and make your tour unforgettable at all the time.

Admin Nov 04, 2017

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