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Explore the night market sapa and conquer Ham Rong mountain

Beautiful scenery and delicious food are one of the attractions of sapa. Walk around the corner of the night market, try street food, this is an interesting experience when you come here



Continuing my trip to Sapa in Part 1. Now I will tell you my story of the very first night and the second day in Sapa.

When I got back to Sapa, it’s dark already. Checking my phone, the weather forecast just told me that the degree in Sapa that time was 4 degree celcious, it’s freezing for real. After having shower, because my room has the Air con which has the heat way so I’m dare to have shower, if not, I will not do that. Then when I got warm up already, I haven’t make up my mind whether to go out for food or not, but my stomach keep screaming so yeah I take all the clothes onto and get out.



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Asking the receptionist in my hotel about where to find food, she recommended many places, Xuan Vien street -  where has many restaurants with the local food but made for tourist such as Salmon hotpot, Thang Co – the hotpot of ethnic people made from hourse meat, hourse’s stomach…. Then she recommended me to walk to Sapa Night market which is just open replacing the old one near by the church before. Sounds interesting, even when I walked there, it is a bit far from my hotel, I feel like I just walk for centuries to get there. But if you’re the one who loving adventure, you should have it a try, my experience there was amazing.



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When I get into the market, OMG it was a lot of food, lot of people keep asking me to try theirs. I decide to try this called Be Thuy Da Nang – why ‘s a Da Nang girl came all the way to Sapa just to open a little shop selling Barbecue, that made me so much curious so I think I will give her a try.



Barbecue in Sapa was famous for a long time, “Once you get there, you have to try it” -  said by other travellers  very often. Normallly, the barbecue will be grilled on a big grilll, but she said I can do it myself on a smaller one, ofcourse I will try it to make food myself, it would be more interesting I’m sure.

So I order, beef with the Meo’s vegetable, Corn cake, pork with mushroom,… and grilled one by one, that feeling when it’s cold and in front of you is a hot barbecue with the delicious food,well, it just made my day.

After the meat, I paid about 12$ for my dinner and walked around the night market., I came across a little shop with7 small trays like this, wondering what is inside, I asked the owner, she said it is CHÈ – oh I have try it in Hanoi but with the cold version, not the hot one like here.  CHE is the sweet soup of Vietnamese people as a desert or just a food the have in the afternoon like tea break of Chinese people. There is corn sweet soup, blackbean sweet soup, mungbean sweet soup,pomelo sweet soup…  I tried 3 of them mixed together, so warm and not too sweet.

On my way back to the hotel I saw this man selling Chinese Chestnut, again my stomach telling me that I have to try this, I bought just 0,1kg and he even don’t really want to sell me that much. I know but I’m just on my own if I bought more than this who will share the food with me.


Next morning, Sapa just wake me up by this foggie and my plan for the next day is cimbing up Ham Rong mountain. Will it be possible with this foggie?



First, let’s have breakfast and relax, there is the buffet breakfast which I choose some taro cake, corn cake… Enough energy for climbing, then I take a motorbike taxi to Ham Rong mountain, cannot see anything accept frost.

Still decide to climb up and what surprise me was the higher you get, the better the weather was.

Cannot believe that these two weather I had was from the same place in the same day at the same time, just different in the height.




And let me introduce you guys this is Ham Rong (Dragon Jaw) Mountain which look like a dragon’s head rising from the mountain. Taking some pictures then I climb down to have my lunch.



I tried a local vegetarian place which quite good food. You can try veggie spring rolls, tofu rolling, veggie sausage.



Take my bus to go back to Hanoi, bye Sapa, will see you next time.

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huytv Mar 17, 2018

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