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Explore nightlife at Long Bien Market Hanoi

Have you ever explored the market when travel Vietnam? If not, then you are wasting a chance to see the color picture of life, culture and lifestyle of the people here. And if you have and intend to travel to Northern Vietnam, note the Long Bien market on the list of destinations to visit on Vietnam trip.


Visiting the unique market of Ha Thanh is the unique market experience with international visitors to North Vietnam. People often say that Hanoi is not sleeping, because Hanoi is always busy, very boiling in all day. The sound of cars and people calling at the Long Bien market will give you another picture of the nightlife in Hanoi. Over 20 years, the market is located at the foot of Long Bien bridge, Ba Dinh district is an important and familiar place of Hanoi people. The market starts at 10pm, but the busiest market is from 12pm onwards with trucks loaded with goods.



Source: @Maria A Qua


As a wholesale market, the products are very rich from vegetables, roots, fruits, seafood, cattle, poultry ... In particular, the most prominent is the fruit. The market stalls usually sell wholesale to traders, while the front door is a long row of fruit on the sidewalk sold to retail customers.



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Market traders are diversified, mainly from some suburban districts such as Gia Lam, Thanh Tri, Dong Anh, and neighboring provinces such as Bac Ninh, Ha Nam and Phu Tho.

In addition to shopping, visitors also experience the night air in Hanoi with the mixed sound as a lively music. Late at night, the image is easy to see a woman carrying heavy burden on her shoulder from deep in the market to the street. Because of their life, they have to wake up early and wait for the cars to come and transport the goods. The dusky back and dew nights kept coming in and out. Everyone seems to rush to turn around to get a lot of products.



Author: DucLinh Nguyen


You should go deep inside to explore the diverse activities of the market or stand still in a corner observed. People come in constantly and the activities here create a very attractive picture.



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If you can ride a motobike and pay 1000 for the cost of parking. Also, you should be careful when traveling on the roads near the market, because the number of trucks is very much. Before leaving, you can go to any fruit shop to buy something.



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From here, you can walk to Long Bien bridge to visit and watch the market from above. This hundred year old bridge is not only a witness to the history of the country but also to every change of market. Standing here, the cold wind of night will give you the feeling of fun.



As it was lightening, all the sounds began to sink. Cars full of goods leave the market to start the new day. The sellers continue his work.


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Long Bien Market is not only a symbol of the capital, but the activities here are also a characteristic feature of the people of Hanoi. The unique experiences of night life in Long Bien market will help you better understand the life and people of Ha Noi.


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