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10 top delicious dishes must try when coming to Hanoi

Hanoi is not only famous for a lot of beautiful landscapes in the northern Vietnam, but this capital is also for its unique and rich cuisine which attracted so many visitors to give a try.




1. Pho (Noodle soup)


Pho is one of the pride of Hanoians. Pho is attractive because of its sweet and nutritious juices, soft, spicy noodles accompanied by sliced ​​beef or chicken. Pho can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dinner. You can eat at every restaurant in Vietnam.



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2. La Vong fishball


Cha Ca La Vong - La Vong Fishball is made from fish or catfish. Fish fillet is  4 marinated with turmeric powder, seasoning powder, ginger, fish sauce, shrimp paste, minced onion, chopped garlic, minced chili,... then clamped into the bamboo pair to grill. Then, continue to be stir fried with herbs, spices. In a cold winter day, enjoy hot fishball with noodles, roasted peanuts, shrimp paste, herbs ... is one of the best thing in the world. You can enjoy this dish with both of your tounge and nose.




3. Bun Cha - Grilled pork with noodles and fishsauce


Bun Cha is made from belly and lean meat  marinated with fish sauce, pepper, dried onions, grilled on the charcoal. The sauce is a harmonious combination of the salty of fish sauce, the sweeness of sugar, the sourness of vinegar, and the spicy of chili, garlic, along with papaya, crunchy carrots. Bun Cha will be served with vegetables such as: Lettuce, marjoram, shiso, basil... It is a blending of color and flavor of many materials.



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4. Bun Thang


Bun Thang is a fussy and meticulous dish of Hanoi. The broth of Bun Thang is made from chicken broth, pork bones, when boiling, the foam need to be removed to keep the broth clear, no fat should have in the broth, then drop into a string of dried shrimps. The eggs have to be very thin yarn, soft white sausage as well. Boiled lean chicken have to be tore apart into a very thin and small piece. Then add the broccoli, dried radish, mushrooms, coriander, green onions, vegetables mixed with green onions, less shrimp paste and some aroma. The world “Thang” here in Vietnamese it means stairs because the way Vietnamese people made this dish is compicated as many steps of the stairs.




5. Thanh Tri rolls


Thanh Tri rolls is special in the thin texture, dried onion with oil on the surface, lightly cooling taste. Take a piece of this one, dipped in the fish sauce and bring it into your mouth, you will feel the harmony between the smell of soft rolls mixed with salt and sour sauce, spicy and dried onions.

Best feeling in the world.



6. Vong Village Com (Green rice from Vong Village)


Vong Village Com has long become one of the typical gifts from Hanoi cuisine. Com is special for its sweetness taste, as light as colostrum. Traditional Com are wrapped into lotus leaves, so it also have a great smell of lotus which even made Com become tastier. From Com, Hanoians create many other gifts, contributing to the enrichment of autumn food in Hanoi such as fried Com meatball, Sticky rice from Com, Com Pie, Com sweetsoup …




7. O Mai - sugared dry apricot


Long time ago, the sugared dry apricot has become a specialty of Hanoi.The sugared dry apricot carries the elite cuisine of Hanoi that made people who lives far way from the capital always missing of. If you come to Hanoi without enjoying the sour, spicy, sweet, crispy of thesugared dry apricot will be a big omission.



8. West Lake shrimp pancake :


West Lake shrimp pancake has become a special dish that everyone been to Hanoi desire to taste once. Shrimp to make this delicacy must be the kind caught from the West Lake to have the feeling of fresh shrimp, which can not be found anywhere. Shrimp was deep-fried with oil until it’s welldone. The taste of shrimps, crispy of the deep-fried pancake with a little bit of sour, spicy fishsauce will wake your taste up.



9. Bun Oc - Noodle Chilling Soup with snails


Bun Oc is a popular dish and just onlyin Hanoi. It is not easy to find this kind of noodles, and hardly a few people can do it. Bun Oc are sweet and cool, slightly sour, moderately salty, fragrant with ginger, spicy chili served with thin noodles. It is a light, rustic dish that has long lasting charm.




10. Xoi Che - Sticky rice with sweet soup


Xoi Che can be considered as one of the most delicious and classic sweet dishes, because it is not only simple frugal, but also hold a traditional cuisine culture of Hanoi. Che - sweetsoup is made from a mixture of ginger sugared soup. Especially, sticky rice, always use hot or warm. That is why, Xoi Che must be enjoyed right in Hanoi in the cold winter, or at least in the windy days with little cooling wind to totally feel the specialty of this dish.



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