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7 Points to create the majestic beauty of northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam is a paradise of wonderful vacation, relaxing time and great travelling experience for travellers, backpackers from around the world. With the famous beauty of Ha Long Bay, the natural heritage of humanity in Ninh Binh, some less known sceneries which hasn’t been visited so much by human, those things always give visitors unforgettable moments when coming to Northern Vietnam. So let’s see what interesting place Northern Vietnam have to give a go?



1. Halong Bay


This is the first point that you must come when you’re discovering Vietnam, it is a combination of more than 2000 limestone islands with a lot of strange shapes related to many fairy tales, a world of colorful caves with many beautiful stalactites, bunch of romantic experiences if you so overnight cruise, an enormous water painting that anyone desires to visit once in their lifetime. Come to see Ha Long Bay to have a wonderful feeling of the heritage land, one of those wonders of the world.



More about Halong Bay: 10 THINGS TO DO IN HA LONG BAY


2. Hanoi


Hanoi is the center of economic, politic, cultural and tourism of Vietnam, the most prominent destination , the capital of a thousand-years culture combined with the beauty of a modern city, where you can take a long walk through many streets around a busy city, where you can have a wonderful memorable moments in a unique ancient town. The best part of discovering Hanoi is the delicious street food, the special taste of these street food is the thing you shouldn’t overlook in Hanoi.



3. Ninh Binh


Ninh Binh - the rustic beauty of an old capital Ninh Binh, is famous for its spiritual culture, architecture combined with the beauty of nature. Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An, and Tam Coc had created a scenic spot of rustic countryside, together with mountains and forests, are expected to give you the most wonderful experience in Vietnam.



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4. Sapa


Sapa has been known as a trekking destination for any backpackers or traveller coming to Vietnam, where the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests, the cool climate of the villages lying on the mountains, gorgeous terraced fields are an endless source of inspiration for travellers to explore.



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5.Moc Chau


Moc Chau, beautiful plateau of the Northern Vietnam, to mention the North of Vietnam we can’t not mention Moc Chau Plateau. This is a truly get away from the noise of urban city, the romantic side of the green tea fields always make anyone come here feel great about a colorful minority cultural mixed with romantic hills .



6. Mai Chau


Mai Chau is remarkable for its natural beauty.Talk about Mai Chau, we must mention those wonderful trekking roads, chilling weather, lots of lovely village combined with peacful nature always bring an unforgetalbe experience to you when you’re here.



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7. Ha Giang


Ha Giang - a paradise of stone and terraced fields. Talk about Ha Giang people always mentioned the stone park and the most beautiful terraced fields in the world, the vitality of the forehead land of Vietnam, you’ll have the best adventurous and amazing time in Northern Vietnam.



The above is some helpful information about a few interesting destinations in the North Vietnam. Although there is an easy way to explore all these points without thinking about how to go, how much to spend, what to eat, where to stay. Let’s Vietnam Amazing Tour give you a great tour schedule with all of these amazing destination.



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