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Things can not be missed while touring Hoi An

Hoi An is a beautiful old town of Vietnam. Inscribed by UNESCO in 1999, Hoi An “is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century... You really should come here to discover the beautiful Hoi An old town one time when travel Vietnam. There are hundreds of years old houses, ancient streets, luminous lanterns at night, unique dishes of local people, ancient buildings or traditional villages…all make up a colorful Hoi An town.


I come here 3 times in other way as booked Vietnam package tour in 9 days or go alone and every time I have my own emotions, I like to walk the streets, eat bread according to my feeling is the best bread in the world, rent bicycle to explore the traditional village around here,... These are great experiences that I would like to share with everyone.



Hanoi acient town


Hoi An is located on by the Thu Bon River, in the province of Quang Nam, known as Hoi An Ancient Town. With its geographical advantages and climate, Hoi An was once a busy international port of commerce from Japan, China and the Netherlands from the 15th to the 19th centuries. It was fortunately not destroyed by wars or influenced by the urbanization of the 20th century. In recent years, Hoi An has been paying attention and preserving architectural and cultural values and becoming an attractive tourist destination of Vietnam.



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Not as solemn as Hue City or vibrant as Saigon, Hoi An ancient town attract tourists by its very romantic. Coming to Hoi An, you will have a chance to see the green mossy roofs, shimmering lanterns in the dark or the hundred year old bungalows with exquisite carvings. Here you will not see the whole high-rise buildings or bright advertising lights that are the ancient style house.



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In addition to the cultural values through various architectures, Hoi An still preserves a rather large cultural basis such as: everyday life of people with customary, religious activities, phase Mix between modern and classic extremely simple, natural and peaceful.

Walking along the street. Visitors like to go to an ancient world with colors of lanterns of all sizes, types, from elongated, round, triangle, garlic back to hexagon, lotus, crown, star, from material paper to silk, rattan ... all appear so shimmering, making the scene of the night more fanciful and romantic.



Hoi An night market


Night market is also one of the highlights of Hoi An at night. The night market is located on Nguyen Hoang Street (opposite Cau Pagoda), with a length of about 300m with nearly 50 stores as a small space for old town activities. Here, visitors can easily catch familiar images of the town from the colorful lantern stalls, designs to handicrafts souvenirs, or specialties such as: high floor, Quang noodles, cauldrons, beaten cakes, black sesame tea ...

This market is not only for shopping, but also an attractive destination for many visitors. You will easily see the scene of each group of tourists to wander the market, look or look at the photo shoots, to save the moment for his trip. For them, walking and living in the night market is a special experience. There, visitors not only feel the value of indigenous culture through sophisticated products and villages, but also enjoy many rustic dishes are sold on the street with typical flavor where here. All contribute to the atmosphere of the night market more vibrant and imbued with cultural color.



Enjoy delicious bread


I have heard a lot about the famous bread of Hoi An. And we can not ignore the opportunity to taste bread while touring Hoi An Ancient Town. Woh! It is very delicious. These are the words that I uttered when I first bit the bread

The bread is hot, crunchy, full of variety: spring rolls, ham, cheese, chicken, pork, pate, cheese rolls, bacon ... accompanied by sauces, raw vegetables and chili sauce according to the traditional formula. And do you can believe, this delicious bread is only about 20 000 dong.

There are two famous and best bakeries, that is Phuong bread and madam Khanh bread. Do not be surprised if you have to wait to enjoy this famous bread.



My Son Sanctuary


We arrived here one morning on a pre-arranged tour. We booked a tour here after seeing some information and photos about this place and indeed we did not time for a great place. The ancient temples, perhaps it was built a hundred years ago is the highlight of this My Son Sanctuary. Although time and war have damaged the ancient ruins, but there are still very unique architectural features. My Son stretches over 2 km in a valley. Surrounded by morning fog, sunrise, lush jungle in Vietnam. This is an interesting destination for those who like to learn about history. Be careful if you do not want to fall over the old bricks.



Thanh Ha pottery village


Not only the old town, but also the unique traditional handicrafts. Thanh Ha pottery village is one such place. It is easy to get here from Hoi An ancient town, you can walk, ride a bike or motorbike. Come here, you will be surprised by the delicate and beautiful pottery of the longtime workers. From the stage to make the clay, up on the table, kneading on the turntable, until the output of Thanh Ha pottery, all are meticulous and elaborate.



You can also make pottery directly with your ability. In addition, you can visit the Thanh Ha Terracotta Park. This is one of the largest ceramic parks in the south. With only 15,000 for one ticket, you will spend all day exploring the place.



The wild beach


Near Hoi An also has beautiful beaches. You can rent motorcycles or bicycles to explore it. One of the beaches we appreciate the most, it's an bang beach. Sea water in, smooth white sand, the small boat with many colors of local people here as adornment for a nice beach. And, of course, you has come to bath. However, pay attention to the beach chairs, because the people here will make you pay if you use it. Follow us to explore the beach the way you want.




Tra Que Vegetable Village


Not far from the old town, only about 2 km northeast. There is a very traditional village. There are large fields, they grow many kinds of vegetables, and here you can become a genuine farmer Vietnam. Wearing the clothes of the local people here, taking steps to plant a vegetable garden under the guidance of the people, that is an enjoyable experience.



Get a tailor-made suit or dress


I do not think I can have a good suit, fit and so crazy price. However, that is true. The number of apparel shops and fashion shops in Hoi An is very much. Of course, the quality is also very good. Walk through the apparel shops, you will hear the salesman's very enthusiastic greetings, perhaps this is their sad style of sale. I saw the review of the store on the tripadvior site before coming to that store. The workers are very enthusiastic, carefully measured and advised you choose the color, material like.



Every trip is a great experience of that destination, about people, culture, customs, cruisine and if you have the time, get yourself a real trip.




admin May 23, 2018

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