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Weekend get away to the ancient Hanoi capital of Vietnam

If you are in very center of the old town in Hanoi city for a few days, if you’re so tired of the busy and noisy of the big city, finding a daily good trip from Hanoi or  if you want to spend 2 days 1 night on a trip to a quitter, more peaceful place, there is a place just 2 hours drive away from Hanoi but it’s a lot quiter than, the province which call Ninh Binh. One of the most attraction destination when you travel Vietnam.



There are a lot of famous destination to see in Ninh Binh province in Norhthern Vietnam, since this province is very large, there are many small town and are that you can take a look for example: Cuc Phuong national park, Van Long natural reserve, Trang An eco tourism, Hoa Lu ancient capital, Bai Dinh pagoda, Phat Diem Catholic church, Non Nuoc mountain…. But this time I decide to take a trip a new brand name which is just found by local people: Mua caves and ancient Trang An.



There are many ways to get there, you can whether take a train in the early morning or ride your scooter or else take a bus from Giap Bat station which is about 10$ for 1 way in a Limousine with Xevietnam. Then here we go, this time I did not get any tour in advance. I decide to discover Ninh Binh myself to see how different it will be when you’re on your own to travel.



The first day after getting off the bus, we are picked up by the host of our homestay located in the very inside of Tam Coc. There were just 4 rooms in here which I must say not touristy at all. Then we ask our host to rent a scooter to get to Mua Cave in the afternoon. Because I read on the internet someone said that if we climb Mua mountain in the afternoon we can catch the sun set there on the top of the mountain.



So, let’s do it !!!
Our host said that it was just 2,5km from our homestay to Mua Cave.
We arrived there really fast, I think it is just about 10 minutes. We bought the ticket which is 100.000vnd ~ 5 dollar to get in. In front of our eyes is a huge mountain which have some towers on the top.



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Climbed about thousands stairs, we got to the top of the mountain which can see the over view of Tam Coc with the islets surrounding and all the green rice fields along two sides of the river.


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Catching the sunset here is one of the best experiences I’ve ever been through. Then we were heading down and so craving that time. We decided to have dinner in our homestay with a family prepared by the host which is just 7$ each. Full of food, such as goat meat, home planted vegetables,...oh so delicious.



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 Next morning, breakfast was prepared by the host also. The ancient Trang An according to Vietnamese newspaper, it was closed a few days ago before we arriving, so upset but the host was really helpful, she recommended us to go on a boat trip through Tam Coc which is the 3 caves known as “Ha Long Bay on land.

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Sitting on the boat for nearly 2 hours, I feel like we can let all the thing go and be free to ourself, funny thing was the lady even can rowing by her barefoot and our boatmate said that this area is appeared on King kong Movies, now I understood that why this one was chosen as a back ground for a blockbuster movie.        
They’re even selling stuff on boat.
Through all the caves, rice fields, pagodas I’m really in love with this place, after the boat trip we decided to check it out a restaurant was highly recommended by travelers on Tripadvisor - Orchid restaurant. We have veggie spring roll, beef steak, beef with pineapple stir fried.... 



I took a walk round the rural area surrounding, watching local’s life. Was such a peaceful getaway weekend.



We get on the bus at 2 p.m heading back to Hanoi. Will see you soon Ninh Binh. I still have a lot places haven’t discovery in here.
If you want to have an amazing experience like this, you can go on your own of course but a private package tour also is a good idea to save time and money! Vietnam Amazing Tours will be a suggestion.


admin Apr 15, 2018

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