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8 reasons you should travel Vietnam

Vietnam, an impressive destination of Southeast Asia.  A place with majestic nature, unique culture, rich cuisine and reasonable price for a great trip. And perhaps you should travel vietnam one time in life.


# 1 Mystery scene


Vietnam is a country with a long history and culture. Over many years of war,  Vietnam still retains its culture, beautiful natural scenery. A place has many natural, historic wonders recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage. There is a fanciful Halong bay with thousands of mountains on the surface of the sea, a hundred years old Hoi An ancient town, or the world's largest cave system ever appeared in your goodmorning TV channel – Phong Nha Ke Bang and many more that perhaps only coming here, you can feel completely the beauty of those.



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# 2 Cheap


Take the standard dollars, so $ 1 = 23,000 dong. With only $ 1 in developed countries, can you buy anything?. But in Vietnam, with only $ 1 you can also have a delicious big breakfast. It is said that travelling to Vietnam is not expensive at all, from shopping, sightseeing tours, sightseeing tickets or place to sleep, all are reasonable for a vacation or a visit for your short holiday.



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# 3 Cuisine and amazing street food


Nowhere else that many world-famous chefs come here to reward food but in Vietnam. There are so many magazines, newspapers or television broadcast articles about Vietnamese cuisine. And that's the reason why you need to be here to discover the cuisine. Take a walk through the streets, look at the local people, go to the bar and call yourself a set of dishes and enjoy it. Throughout the streets, there are also many restaurants from luxury to affordable price, it could take you months to taste all the famous dishes of Vietnam such as PHO – Noodle soup with beef or chicken, rolls, fried fish-ball ...



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# 4 Hot coffee and fresh fruit


Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in over the world, so here there are many kind of famous coffee that you should try or buy back home as gifts for your visit in Vietnam. There is black coffee, coffee with condensed milk, coffee with coconut water ... however, there is a great drink you should try it is egg coffee. A favorite and famous drink is highly recommended by people.

There is not only coffee, there is also junk food that you can find on the street. The fresh, delicious and very cheap fruit will add a lot of vitamins to your trip to explore Vietnam.



# 5 Friendly people


In addition to popular tourist destinations, Vietnam is also known for friendly people at every destination, you are always welcome with a friendly smile and assistance whenever you need. You will feel very impressed with the sincerity and enthusiasm of the people here.



# 6 Long beautiful beaches


With the coastline stretching from north to south, it is easy to see why Vietnam has so many beaches listed on the world's top beaches. The golden, white sand beach, blue sea is the place for you to get away from the real life. Beaches such as Nha Trang, Danang, Phu Quoc have been promising to be one of the newest beach resorts for tourists.


Author: faceboo: Pham Duy Dong


# 7 Traditional festivals all over a year


Perhaps the festival takes place throughout the country in all over the year is also a highlight for travelling in Vietnam. From the holidays, to festivals at tourist sites, or annual festivals. There are always programs, cultural features are reproduced will be an interesting thing to bring visitors.



# 8 The visa on arrival is quick and simple


All foreign visitors can easily apply for a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in their country, with a quick and simple procedure. It takes only a week to get results after applying for a visa to the Embassy of Vietnam. Make your Vietnam visa, and your trip, let Vietnam Amazing Tour advise you.



And if you are not sure how to travel Vietnam, let us discuss and plan with you. That would be an interesting trip



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