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Explore Vietnam through famous bridges

There are also famous bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge in the USA, Sydney Harbor Bridge, London Bridge in the UK, Brooklyn Bridge, New York in the USA, Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence in Italy, Viaduct of Millau in France... Have you explored the famous bridges when traveling to Vietnam? If not, then you forgot the interesting places on this trip in Vietnam. In Vietnam there are also bridges that only when you come to you to know the uniqueness of it. And today we will take you to the unique bridges that most visitors will probably write on the list of things to see.


#1 Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi city

A bridge over 100 years old, wearing old colors. Long Bien Bridge is the first steel bridge crossing the Red River, connecting the two districts of Hoan Kiem with Long Bien District of Hanoi, built by France (1898-1902), named Doumer Bridge. This bridge is linked to the history of Vietnam's two wars against France and Vietnam. Over long periods of time, with the devastation of war and the use of time, the values ​​of the past are still present on each segment. The bridge under the sunset. The sunshine goes with the yellow, brown of Long Bien bridge to create a romantic scene on the river. The sunset on the Long Bien bridge provokes many emotions, is a source of inspiration for photographers, young people and visitors. On the bridge there are small vendors, where they sell everything.


Source: Hanoi group on facebook


#2 Bridge monkey in Mekong Delta

Perhaps only in Vietnam are these unique bridges. Try to think, you have to pass on a long segment of trees are crossed. You have no seat belts for this challenge. The thing that can help you is another horizontal line that you can hold. Unbelievable, probably such trees only appear in adventure games. But, the local people still use to go every day. They are very hero and brave.



#3 Cloud bridge in Sapa

A bridge like to test the courage of the go. It is a bridge in Sapa. Made of rattan wires, the deck is made of laminated wood boards, each board is 20 cm apart. The old boards and the thin strands of cloud always make every visitor dizzy because of the danger of this bridge. At the foot of the bridge is a dry river that can see the gravel. Remember that your eyes are always looking straight ahead, not looking down if you do not want the height of your courage to cross the bridge. And when you cross the bridge celebrate this victory. But, look at the natives here naturally walk on this tree you have to say that they are too brave.



#4 Golden bridge in Da Nang

A bridge was built in 2018 in Danang City of Vietnam. Where you can imagine only in the fiction movie. A bridge with great architecture and scenery. A bridge was built on a high mountain with support from two tables. Many foreign newspapers, famous travel bloggers have come here to enjoy the beauty of this bridge. That is enough to be a reason you need to fill the tree in the list of places to visit when coming to Vietnam.



#5 Japanese Covered Bridge

Why do we mention this bridge? Because it is a bridge that combines both the pagoda and the bridge. It has a long history. Japanese Covered Bridge is in the ancient town and this is imagery of Hoi An, even appear on the note of Vietnam. This bridge was built by the Japanese, but it is bold architectural features of Vietnam.

The first special thing is in the structure of the bridge. Bridge The bridge is about 18m long and is a bridge of bricks - that is, the bridge roofed with yin and yang above - a feature of Vietnamese architecture. Covered bridge is quite unique, all the pagodas and bridges are made of wood, painted with lacquer and elaborate carvings in Vietnamese architecture - typically dragon





Admin Sep 10, 2018

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