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Bac Son Valley

Follow the trails through the valley to the rice paddies, where witness the river's picturesque crossing of the fields just as stunning, That is the Bac Son valley.

The Bac Son Valley is located in the province of Lang Son, in the Northeast of Vietnam, about 160 kilometers from Hanoi Capital.


The Bac Son valley's 500- to 2,000-meter-tall mountains are one of its most striking features. The paddy fields in the valley and the surrounding mountains make for a beautiful landscape, best appreciated from the summit of a mountain within walking distance of the town.



Follow the trails through the valley to the rice paddies, where you can witness the river's picturesque crossing of the fields. The villages of the Bac Son district are just as stunning as the Bac Son valley itself. The Tay ethnic group lives in the area, and their traditional stilt houses can be seen throughout the neighborhood. Some overnight tours will be the best way to take in the stunning scenery and gain insight into hill tribe culture.



Hiking up to the telephone station, which is situated atop a particularly lofty mountain, is the only way to take in the panorama of the entire Bac Son valley. Everything in the surrounding 360 degrees, including mountains, villages, rivers, and farms, is absolutely breathtaking. In spite of the fact that ascending the mountains can be exhausting, the rewards far outweigh the costs.



Bac Son Valley's earliest inhabitants came from Lang Son province in northern Vietnam. In 1922, explorers discovered 43 sites in Lang Son that had some connection to the ancient Bac Son culture that had once flourished there.


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The farmers in Bac Son Valley are able to grow a wide variety of crops thanks to the valley's rich soil. Only two seasons are suitable for planting rice, and each of the square fields is cultivated and harvested at a different time. This valley is home to a wide variety of crops, including rice, sweet potatoes, and corn, which together increase the region's agricultural output by a whopping 80%. This explains why farming is the most common and important economic activity.


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The allure of this valley's natural beauty has only recently drawn visitors. However, it is still considered a unique experience for tourists from other countries. This valley is most easily reached by taking National Highway 1B south from Hanoi via Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen. There are no group tours to visit this place. You go only by yourself or book a private tour.


Don't miss your chance to see this breathtaking valley. You'll appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer after witnessing this breathtaking scenery. Additionally, the valley and its environs offer a wealth of exploration opportunities. Climbing to the top of Telephone-Station Mountain for a bird's-eye view is just one of the many exciting things to do in the area. Other fun things to do include riding a bike or walking to one of the many stilt-house communities to see locals hard at work in their rice and vegetable fields. Enjoying the quiet of the countryside by hiking along a back path. Pack up your things and check in Bac Son Valley already!

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