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3 days 2 nights



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Motorbike, Walking,


Ha Giang

Amazing Ha Giang 3 days 2 nights


Amazing Ha Giang 3 days 2 nights


Ha Giang is a province in northern Vietnam that has only recently opened to tourists.


This is one of the poorest regions in Vietnam, with a population of just over 700,000. However, this is not because the area is in disrepair; on the contrary, the lack of a thriving economy has allowed it to remain largely undisturbed by the negative impacts of mass tourism and large-scale industry.


The area has breathtaking scenery, unlike anything you've ever seen before. Large limestone cliffs, granite outcrops at every turn, hanging valleys, rice terraces that soar into the sky, and twisting roads cut into the slope.


While this sounds exciting on its own, the presence of the indigenous hill tribes, primarily the proud Black Hmong, makes it a "must-do" on any trip to Vietnam.


Let’s explore amazing Ha Giang 3 days 2 nights


General information




Tour code:  AMT12

Tour type: Group tour or private tour

Duration: 3 days

Physical Rating: Light

For lovers of Sightseeing, culture, hiking, history, adventure, motorbike

Places visited: Ha Giang

Starts: Hanoi


Ages:  > 18

All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Langue: English-speaking guide



  • Keep in mind that while we make every effort to see all of the attractions listed, the schedule may be adjusted at the discretion of your guide to accommodate factors such as the group's speed, inclement weather, difficulties with public transportation, or any other unanticipated circumstances.
  • The sights of Ha Giang are included in this typical tour. Let us know what you're interested in learning more about and we'll tailor a bespoke tour to your specific needs.
  • The market day is on Sundays. The highland minorities will benefit greatly from this event on a social and cultural level. If you leave on Friday, we should have time to go.
  • Sending us an email will help us better prepare for those of you who have back issues, as well as families with elderly or young children. 




Prices are in US dollars per person and may change based on the mode of transportation, other important trip details, blackout dates, holidays, group sizes and limits, policies, and other factors.


Private tour


Group Size/Type of travel

On the back of a driver

Self-driving bike

Traveling in a car (minimum 2 persons)














Group tour


On the back of a driver: 185 USD/person
Self-driving bike: 165 USD/person



  • Sleeping bus or minivan ticket 2 ways: Hanoi – Ha Giang – Hanoi (not private bus or minivan)
  • All meals as indicated on the bike tour itinerary(viet nam local food)
  • Accommodation (mix of ethnic minority homestay and hotel)
  • Motorbikes rental & Gasoline along the tour 
  • All tickets 
  • English-speaking guide & local Easyriders
  • Safety gear 
  • Entrance fees at all sites. 



  • Gratuities & Tip
  • Alcoholic beverages if not served on behalf of a third party like a homestay
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal travel insurance

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Detailed itinerary

Pre-departure day

The bus will pick you up from hotels in the Ha Noi Old Town area between 7 and 8 p.m., take you to the sleeping bus, and then transport you to Ha Giang around 3:30 a.m., where you will check in and rest for a few hours before the tour begins.

Day 1: Ha Giang City – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Dong Van town (135km)

After breakfast at our homestay, we'll pack up the bikes then set off for the next part of our adventure.. We'll give you a trip briefing before hitting the highway to the Bac Quang district. And after that is time to get your motorbike for enjoying the day.

Before heading up the mountain road, we'll stop for lunch. The path you take takes you through a picturesque valley, jungle, and outlying towns. We'll be stopping frequently along the way for photos and rest stops en route to our guesthouse in the Dzao minority village of Thong Nguyen.

After a day of awe-inspiring scenery views, arrive in Dong Van in the late afternoon and eat a traditional Vietnamese meal. Before a new day of adventures, the evenings are free and relaxed.

The highlights in the day: Bac Sun pass, Quan Ba Heaven gate, Quan Ba Twin moutains, Can Ty pass, Tham Ma pass, The Hmong King’s palace  


Amazing ha giang 3 days 2 nights tham ma pass

Day 2: Dong Van town - Ma Pi Leng pass - Du Gia village ( 110km)

Our journey to the "King" of Vietnam's mountain crossings, the Ma Pi Leng Pass, begins in the morning as we depart Dong Van Town. At an elevation of 2,000 meters, its peak is renowned for its sheer cliffs and stunning vistas. The Sky Path provides a 360-degree perspective of Ma Pi Leng Pass, and it may be reached by driving through the pass and stopping sometimes to take in the greatest views and snap photos. While most people never venture any closer to the Nho Que than the mountain pass,! The experience of boating along the turquoise waterways while being astonished by the mountains above is one you won't soon forget. We'll keep on driving via the rural communities of Meo Vac, Mau Due, and Lung Ho, where we'll have lunch. We leave in the afternoon and travel through the majestic mountains to the remote homestay of Du Gia, nestled between beautiful rice fields. In the evening, you have dinner at the local homestay and make some new friends.


amazing ha giang 3 days 2 nights ma pi leng

Day 3: Du Gia – Lung Tam Village – Ha Giang

you can purchase a cloth bag or other accessories for souvenirs. After passing through Quan Ba, you will view Nui Doi mountain. In the early afternoon, we go through the Sky Gate and Bac Sum Pass on our way back to Ha Giang city. We will arrive back in Ha Giang around 4 pm


You have 2 options to come back to Hanoi

Option 1 by sleeping bus

7:30-8:30 pm the bus will pick you up to go back to Ha Noi. Arrive in Hanoi at about 4:00 am. 

Option 2 by minivan

4:30 PM, you’ll get a Comfort mini Van back to Hanoi, arriving in the Hanoi Old Quarter around 11:30 PM.

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Detailed FAQS

Why this router?

In Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang is both a city and a province. The city of Ha Giang is right in the middle of the province of Ha Giang. The famous Ha Giang motorbike loop goes from Ha Giang City to Quan Ba to Yen Minh to Dong Van to Meo Vac to Du Gia and then back to Ha Giang City. This loop is on the east side of the city, so we call it "The Famous Ha Giang Loop Adventure: Eastern Loop." The farther you get from the city, the more beautiful and remote it gets. If you start in Ha Giang, Meo Vac City is the farthest point on the loop.

Can I do it in one or two days?

Locals who know the route and terrain can ride this loop in just one or two days. But it's not fun for tourists to ride more than 300 km on the mountain road. To finish the loop, take breaks, take pictures, hike, and do other things besides ride a motorbike, you'll need at least 4 days. Many tourists who ride motorbikes should follow this 4-day plan with preparation for motorbike riding. From what we've seen, this is a fun and easy plan that makes riding motorbikes less stressful and gives you time to enjoy this beautiful province instead of just passing through it.

I travel alone, but I don't want to travel alone. Can I be part of a group?

Yes, unless you book a private tour, we go on a small group tour.

Most of the time, this is because our team, homestay, number of motorbikes, and camping gear are small. We also need to pay more attention to each of our customers because of the nature of the trip. On top of that, we think guests would feel more comfortable and at home if they went with a small group. This makes our standard and worth higher.

If you want to join a group, let's contact our travel experts.

Can I begin in one place and end in another?

This tour starts in Hanoi. But that is transferring from Hanoi - Ha Giang and returning by sleeping bus or minivan. The guide will pick you up and drop you off in Ha Giang city. We can talk with you about this if you want to be picked up somewhere.

If you want to start this trip in a different place, like Ha Long, Sapa, Cao Bang, or somewhere else, you can. You can write to us to set up schedules. 

If you join our trip, we can get you to and from Hanoi in a very comfortable van and offer you food and a place to stay.

If you take our van, we can also drop you off right at the Hanoi Airport (Noi Bai Airport). Most of the time, our vans get to the airport between 12:00 and 22:00. You can book any flight between 14:00 and 24:00. If you want to drop off at the airport, you will have to pay an extra VND 50000 (USD 2.50). Getting picked up or dropped off in other places will cost extra. You can make sure we have the information by filling out our customer information form.

What is Ha Giang's weather like?

Ha Giang is a province made up of mountains. In the summer, it could get up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), but in the winter, it could get down to 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts of the province. But the type of weather depends on how people feel about it. No weather is always the same. We go out no matter what the weather is like. Our trip goes up and down over 300 km of mountains and valleys. It means that it might rain in the valley, but it's sunny above the cloud. Even though riding a motorcycle can be fun and exciting, you might be better off in a car if you don't want to take a chance on the weather.

We reserve the right to cancel a trip if we think the weather might get in the way, like if there is a mudslide or rockslide that blocks our way. If you want to cancel your trip for any reason, including bad weather, we need to know at least 48 hours in advance. Please keep a close eye on the weather report for our area when you plan to come.

When is the best time to visit Ha Giang?

This is a tough question because we think Ha Giang is beautiful all year round. Every season has its own beauty and charm.


From April to the end of October, when it's hot, is the best time to ride a motorcycle. It's also a busy tourist season, so you might find it too much, but it's nothing compared to other places in Vietnam in terms of tourists.


From November to the end of March, when it's cold and rainy, it might not be as nice and comfortable as the hot season. But it is much quieter, the landscape is much more mysterious, people are much calmer, and a bonfire and good food make it feel much cozier. From our point of view, this is what northern Vietnam is all about.


On top of that, Ha Giang and the rest of Northern Vietnam are known for their rice terrace structures. People ask us when they can see these famous photos of an endless rice field in the mountains. So, for your records, this could happen every year between the second week of September and the second week of October. At this time, the rice is ready to be harvested, and people are getting ready for their harvest season. The best place in Vietnam to see this is in the Hoang Su Phi district. For more, visit our trip.

What clothers should we wear?

It depends on the time of year, though. During the cold season, which lasts from November to the end of March, it is cold. If you ride a motorcycle, you must wear three layers. A shirt, something warm, and something that can keep out the rain and wind.




Bring bikinis, long sleeves, and pants for the rest of the year. In the worst case, please call us. You can borrow all the clothes from us.

Are your trips good for kids, handicapped?


Yes! On our tours, people of any age or skill level can have a great time. Our tours are either private or for small groups, so you can go at a pace that suits you and your group. When we need to, we can stop. We can also change each tour so that it works better for everyone in the group. We do love kids, and we find that they really enjoy it. You just have to decide to talk to them about their options. 

For handicapped people: That is unfortunate, this tour is not suite for them.


Where can I put my bags while we ride on the motorcycle?

You can leave your bags in Ha Giang at our office. Just let us know when you fill out the form to book. Any hotel would also give the services for free.

Is it safe to be on the back of the motorbike?

Yes! People in Vietnam most often get around on motorbikes. Here, almost every adult has a motorcycle, and almost every child grew up riding one. We are no different. We give you good drivers who know what they're doing and other safety gear. The experience is focused on you and a small group, so if you want to stop for a picture, just let us know. If you want to take a break in nature to catch your breath, we're happy to help you do that. We know that many people from the West find Vietnam scary, so we're here to make sure your trip is safe and fun.


Ha Giang Adventure operates fully legal and does not encourage any violation of laws, though a big part of our job is to maximize the fun and create an experience for you. By preparing and having a  session with an experienced motorbike instructor, we are able to assess your driving ability and awareness of the surroundings. You are also able to make the call yourself if you wanna ride the bike. Note that any damages to our facility from accidents coming from riding your bike without experience will be charged to your bill. Please consider riding a bike without experience or preparation.  

Is it easy to drive a motorbike by yourself?

By getting ready for a session with an experienced motorcycle instructor, we can figure out how good you are at driving and how aware you are of your surroundings. You can also decide on your own if you want to drive a motorbike. Note that any damages to our facility from accidents coming from riding your bike without experience will be charged to your bill. Please consider riding a bike without experience or preparation.

What is your insurance policy?

This tour is excluded from travel insurance and we would encourage you to buy travel insurance before traveling to Vietnam. If you don't have travel insurance, let us know as soon as possible. We can tell you what to do so you can get local insurance. 

As a legal business, we hire and train our drivers, and they also have to get licenses. We can help you file a report by giving the authority our business or legal papers so they can get any paperwork you need for your insurance claim. Since we started serving customers in 2020, none of them have been in an accident. 

It's fun to ride your own bike, but it's very dangerous, especially in Ha Giang. If you still want to ride a bike without a license or experience, make sure you know all the risks, even if the worst case scenario is that you could die.

What are your policies on damaging company property?

The facility and gear are the most important parts of a safe journey on an adventurous trip. We've spent most of our money on facilities and tools to meet their expectations. All of our equipment is original and certified not only for safety but also for being good for the environment and society. If you ride a motorcycle without enough experience, you may cause damage to the bike or its gear, which will cost you more money. Please follow the instructions in the guide on how to use them best and avoid damage or loss.

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